Flat-lays Photography with Boon & Bloom Floral Design

In early March, we spent a couple of hours with the lovely Liz from Boon & Bloom for a beautiful flat-lays photography session to create amazing images for her social media. Flat-lays are the best type of image to share over Instagram, engagement is always superior! It was a mix of her gorgeous arrangements with some easter seasonal ones. Lots of playing around with chocolates, bunnies, carrots, and eggs!

We wanted to create a varied photo gallery for her to pull out for social media use.

On-Location shoots

On-location shoots are superb, especially when Liz has an amazing studio always in bloom making working a gift for the senses. So many gorgeous smells!

Flat-lays Photography shoots are a two-hour session and generate a month worth of images for social media, 30-40 images. They can be on location or you send it and we shoot it at our home studio.

Ask Sam for more info!

Excited, we took our tools and some props (although Liz got the majority of them!) and created a setup in the middle of the flowers. Some of the props used were a selection of easter items, fabrics that matched her branding colours, lots of succulents that complemented beautifully the bouquets, even Liz’s granny tea set! but check before not to use almond milk if you want a true tea colour… 😉

A flat-lay extravaganza!

We photographed the arrangements while Liz was creating the next one, pure working joy! Beautiful bouquets for brides is one of her strong offerings.

One of Liz’s value is being eco friendly, and it’s why she loves using dried flowers, as they can be reused.

She needed as well images with white space, so she can write on them when sharing.

One of our favourites was the decorative arrangements with small flowers, succulents and wire, gorgeous!

Creating an image assets gallery is a must for every small business owner. Just remember that a brand photography session boosts the visibility of your business giving you credibility and ultimately increasing your business profitability.

If you want to become our next case study, drop us a line to plan your shoot

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