Product Photography for Candy Cat Pins

We had the pleasure a few days ago to create a great image gallery of a colourful collection of reusable sanitary pads made by the lovely Charlene of Candy Cat Pins. She does as well reusable wipes, comforters, breast pads, and even loo roll, and just needed a product photography session to help her showcase her products, a must for crafters and makers.

You sent it and we shoot it

When shooting products, the easiest way is to make the most of the post service. You send it, we shoot it, and you’ll receive it back in a couple of days. More info about this service can be found here.

We have at our home studio a set up for product photography that makes the most of the beautiful natural light, studio lights when needed and where we have a collection of props and backdrops ready to be used.

The Shoot

We went for natural light and softer textures set up that matched the function of the pads. Props and backdrops with light colours and soft textures, complementing the pad and not competing with them.

We wanted the pads to speak for themselves, showing them how they are and how they can be used: a variety of photographs that helps to showcase them as a star product and invite customers to buy.

Flatlays for social media

These are top-down images for social media. Flatlays are among the favourite photo to share and like over Instagram and great for brand storytelling. We used them for a fun way to showcase the diverse option of covers.

Lifestyle images

For blogging, lifestyle pictures are a winner. It helps your ideal customer to connect with you and your products demonstrating the main purpose of it and how a potential customer can use it. For Candy Cat Pins is important to show how you can use and fold reusable pads

Collections Catalogue

When developing a collection of products, and an important part goes to the photos that make the catalogue, which is sets of the whole collection and individual images of each product that visually display its features. For Candy Cat Pins, individual shots showcase the cover features and sets of different sizes with similar cover.

The Outcome

After backing up the photos, and a couple of hours on the editing table, Charlene received the whole gallery of images on her private online gallery ready to download.

Creating an image assets gallery is a must for every small business owner. Just remember that a brand photography session boosts the visibility of your business giving you credibility and ultimately increasing your business profitability.

If you want to become our next case study, drop us a line to plan your shoot

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