6 tips to create mind-blowing photographs with your phone

Most of us use our phones on a daily basis. Phone cameras are getting better and better and they can produce amazing results. Your phone camera it’s the best tool to snap those pics of your products and when something new or exciting happens in your business. But I guess you want them to perfect as your creations, so here are 6 tips to create those mind-blowing photographs with the help of your phone, and a bonus!

Using white foam boards to reflect light from the main source (the window in this case)


I know that I say this a lot, but photography IS light! So yes, make sure your subject is well lit. But how?

When outdoors get into the shade and make sure that the light reflected is neutral. You won’t find very flattering a red or green or even purple reflection on your subject unless is what are you looking after!

When indoors, make sure you’re next to a great light source of indirect sunlight. Let your subject face the light in a 45-degree angle to cast some shadows that will give texture to your subject.


There isn’t good or bad background, but selecting the right one will have to be done according to the message you want to convey. It can be messy, it can be dark, it can be clear, or it can be lighter.

Make sure it won’t distract your subject. A messy patch in an overall clean background, a line that goes outside your frame, an action happening in the back, odd reflections… Remember that your eyes should be drawn to your subject!


It’s obvious that your subject has to be on focus! So tap the screen when you want your image to be perfectly focused. You can change the amount of light to make it brighter or darker just with the option that comes by default on your phone, usually the sun/moon icon. When you’re happy with it let the option go and take the photo.

Please! Do make sure your photos are in focus! Most of the times, you’ll want to show details of your products, so you might increase the brightness and get closer to the subject. Your customer will thank you for it.


Alright, it’s time for posing! but how do I make my object a model?

Like with real people, the best angle is usually sideways (between sideways and facing forward, about 135 degrees) But it may be the case that a straight front-facing angle is a winner. Do remember, the intention and the story you want with your picture will lead you to the right posing!

Direct message? Front-facing angle.

Informal, soft message? Go sideways.


You’ve probably heard about the Know Like & Trust factor?

People buy from people, and the hint in here is showing yourself, it doesn’t have to be a full appearance from you (although more points if you do!) but enough to recognise you. Show your personality through your objects, why you make them and how you make them!


Remember that your images should represent your brand. Make sure your pictures are a true reflection of what you believe your business should be. And help your customers recognise you when they see your pictures.

Do you have brand colours? This is the easiest way to create on-brand images for you. Use your colours as props!

Bonus: Portrait mode

On the newer smartphones (like iPhone X, XR, XS; Samsung Galaxy S9, Note 9, 8; LG V40 ThinQ, HTC U12 Plus – to name a few) when you go to your camera, you can change to different modes. The portrait mode lets you take a clear picture of yourself or an object and make the background blurry. Basically what you are photographing will be the focus in this setting.


Hope you’ve found some quite usefull tips in here, so remeber

  1. Chase the light is a practice but will make your photos better
  2. Think intentionally about those backgrounds
  3. Practice snapping those detail shots
  4. Turn your creations into actors
  5. Be an actor with your creations
  6. Create your on-brand set of props

Have a play and let me know how it went, I would love to see your pictures shared over our Facebook group: How to take amazing pictures of your products to help you improve


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