6 different angles to shoot your products from

Now that you have ready your product for sale, you need great images to showcase it. This is when having a strong set of different angles come very handy: try these 6 angles you should go for every single one of your products.

Imagine you have a Millenium Flacon as I do, apologies for the non-fans! Every side of it is full of details, and most of them have unique features, like the blue lights coming from the back!

Here’s what I mean in photos:

In summary, you should aim for:

  1. The Front Side
  2. The Back Side
  3. The Right Side
  4. The Left Side
  5. The Top Side
  6. The Bottom Side

There might be occasions that due to the nature of your products you wouldn’t need all these angles, like when you have a completely flat object were you only need the top and bottom photos… but I think you get the gist of it 😉

After you have this main set of images, you can go free spirit and experiment with more photos, like myself having a blast imagining how the Falcon flights and how it shoots the bad guys… so you as a customer get more feel about it!

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